The big secret to a successful Debs Photo Keyring Service is to include the price of each students photo keyring into the price of their ticket!

School debs like weddings are a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Most debs committees are made up of final year students who take on the role of organising things themselves with no input from the school staff.


Clikring have always supported this idea and works very well with the committee. We offer €1 from each keyring back to the school committee to help with unforeseen costs around the organisation of your Debs.

In fact we find that most committees come up with new ideas themselves and make some good workable suggestions.

For example some schools take our advice include the € 5.00 keyring price into the ticket price to ensure everyone on the night is entitled to a keyring. This system is by far the most efficient way but some schools also like to pay as they go.

The important thing is to book us in the early stages of the committee forming.

All photos are pressed into keyrings and distributed on the night. Keyrings are € 5.00 (minus €1 which is put back into the committees funding) each and in most cases are received within 10 minutes.

Also all keyrings will have a printed back with the name location and date of the venue.