How often have you said to yourself "I should have spent more time with him, but now he's gone" or "I should have gotten a photo together with Mum, and now I can't because she's gone."

1-10 Keyrings €5 each + postage (normally €2.40)

10-30 Keyrings €4 each + postage (normally €3.20)

30-100 Keyrings €3 each + postage (normally €6.00)

All too often we tend to leave things until it's too late and family values are far to often put on the back burner. Never the less we all have someone which we hold closest to our hearts, maybe a loved one, Mum or Dad, or even the untimely loss of a life long friend. However the loss of someone effects you, you can be sure it will evoke some fond memories of past times together.

With this in mind Clikring have come up with a nice little way of prolonging the good memories somewhat by offering this service.


Simply email your favourite photo memories to us at with a personal message for the reverse side and your keyring arrives in the post a day or two later, ensuring you keep these fond memories with you all day long.

As always our price structure is such that we make it easy to buy more than one product, if so required, feel free to view our price structure below.

We hope this service will help somewhat with the loss of a loved one or friend.

P.S. Please choose a colour cover when ordering